Hanging Garden – HaGa

Hanging Garden – HaGa. The unique aeroponic wall acts like a garden in your interior. Thanks to this unique product, you can cultivate the high-quality small-scale fresh vegetables and herbs of all tastes throughout the year at home.


HaGa is an original design to complement your interior while promoting your healthy lifestyle.

Aeroponic System

It is the cleanest method to grow plants with maximum efficiency by the absorption of nutrients and oxygen.

Aeroponics Principle

The aeroponics is the most advanced method of growing plants whose uniqueness lies in the fact that the plants have a steady supply of nutrients and air to the roots enabling significantly faster and healthier growth. The aeroponic system makes it possible to grow healthy and strong roots of all the plants you choose to grow in your interior. An amazing variety will please you because you will achieve it free of pests and hence without the need to use the unhealthy chemical sprays.


In the hydroponic-aeroponic system, the plants are placed in perforated baskets and rockwool cubes so that the plant roots hang freely in the air and the nutrient solution is sprayed into the root zone. Whether you choose to grow basil, mint, thyme, rosemary, peppers, tomatoes or anything else, you will always achieve a balance between nutrients and oxygen, and the plants will grow incredibly fast.

Easy, Fast and Simple

HaGa can be used immediately after purchase. After hanging the wall, just pour the water with fertilizer, put seedlings inside and you can instantly grow anything you can think of. HaGa automatically irrigates the roots of plants (the aeroponic system). Water circulates inside the wall. Just replenish water and fertilizer once every 14 days.


See the most popular designs of frontal HaGa Walls from our original collection. Complete set of 30 designs is available in our e-shop.


Green HaGa

Floral HaGa Wall can be supplied without a front wall; the maximum area for seedlings, making it easy to create a continuous green cover suitable for the cultivation of common houseplants as well. Wall colour can be black or white.

HaGa with Backlight

All variants of the flower HaGa Walls can be ordered
with optional LED lighting.

HaGa Prices

A complete product consists of a wall, a pump, nozzles, hydrometer, kit for water pH measurement, pots, substrate to grow plants in (rockwool) and fertilizers. The set includes white service caps, and colourful ones can be ordered according to your choice.

  • Choose from thirty different
  • product designs created
  • by our designers. They
  • include many designs from
  • abstract to natural that
  • will engage your interest
  • at first sight.
  • Without the front wall, making
  • it easy to createa continuous
  • green vegetation. The Green
  • HaGa Wall is suitable for
  • growing herbs, vegetables
  • and houseplants creating
  • permanent green decoration.
1on the world
  • Make your own complete
  • design of the wall by
  • yourselves and we will convert
  • your design into reality.
  • Create the unique look of
  • the wall using our application
  • and make your interior special.
  • This is a special limited
  • edition of design HaGa Walls
  • with patterns designed by
  • world designers who signed
  • the wall to create something
  • truly unique for you to
  • purchase.
HaGa can be purchased only on indiegogo.com


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HaGa made from?

The HaGa Wall is made from modern high quality design plastics and is 100% waterproof.

How to maintain the HaGa Wall?

Just add water and fertilizer once every 7 or 14 days.

How do I know that it is necessary to add fertilizer?

You can tell simply by using the hydrometer supplied with the Wall and other parts of the HaGa Wall.

Where can I get additional fertilizer?

All fertilizers can be purchased either from us, or you can use regular fertilizer dealer networks.

How is the nutrient solution sprayed into the air under a plant?

The nutrient solution is sprayed by a set of nozzles, whereby it reaches the roots in the form of a spray.

What colour options are there?

There is a choice of 30 finished patterns in optional basic colours and we also offer the possibility to produce any Wall according to your design. In addition, you can confidently turn to our designer and let him create a special pattern for you.

Is the HaGa guaranteed?

There is a ten-year guarantee on the HaGa Wall, and a standard warranty on the pump.

What do I do if the HaGa is damaged during shipping?

All packages are adapted to prevent any damage to the HaGa during transport. Do not worry, everything is taken care of.

How can I clean the HaGa?

Detailed information on how to effectively clean the HaGa can be found in the delivery along with detailed instructions for use.

Does the HaGa Wall make any noise?

A very quiet interior pump is used in the Wall and the trickling water makes a pleasant soothing sound comparable to a normal aquarium regarding its intensity.

How do I grow plant in the HaGa?

Plant the plants in the cups with planting material. There is no need to support them at all. Cherry tomatoes, peppers and other larger plants grow hanging down and hold perfectly.

How is the harvest of plants grown in the aeroponic system?

Given that the plant absorbs so much oxygen and nutrients and can yield several harvests per year, the crop is roughly 3 times larger than in conventional soil cultivation.

Our Team

Our goal is to provide people with solutions in the form of a modern and very practical way of growing plants while maintaining affordability.

Petr Hrdý CEOproject author
After many years, he has completely abandoned the world of financial management and equity markets, and he is now fully dedicated to the green products. For this reason, he began to build the aeroponic HaGa Wall and leads the entire team.
Jakub Stedinadesigner
He is currently developing new design options such as folding walls and paravan walls. He is working on a method of illumination to support the plant growth even more while maintaining a high visual attractiveness.
Michal Šebestamarketer
He works on the product promotion, his mission is to spread the awareness of this very simple and practical method of growing plants and spread the awareness of modern residential gardening worldwide.


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